Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Minute, Another Day, Another Year

So, another day, another dollar. Another year, another fundraising effort.

Team Piggy is at it again. Before we get into 2012's  antics, we must wrap up 2011.  It was awesome, as ususal. I would like to say, there wasn't any rain, but there was. Just a little mist at the end of our 3Days. Definately tolerable. I won't lie. It was still a tough year. One of our teammates broke her toe the first day and was not able to complete the 60 miles. She couldn't even get a shoe on. Ashley walked with a "baby on board" and I, Sacha, had battled a stomach flu 2 days before the let's be honest; we still had our share of drama. In the end, it's not about the miles walked, but the dollars raised....and we raised A LOT!  Over $11,500 to be exact! We won't stop until there is a cure. We'll be there San Diego in 2012!
Debbi, Suzy, Ashley, Sacha, Stephanie
Team Piggy 2011
It wouldn't be a proper 3Day without a stop
at the Titty Tavern.
Stephanie, Sacha and Ashley enjoying the walk along the ocean.