Monday, November 14, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

While some are lamenting the approaching holidays, we are gearing up for another Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure. This weekend a year of fundraising and training will all come to a conclusion...Debbi will walk in her 8th 3Day, Me (Sacha) my 4th, Steph her 3rd, Judy her 2nd and Ashley and Susie their 1st!

Some are listening to Christmas music, but on our iPods, you will only find our favorite walking music.

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? We are just looking to get through walking 60 miles in 3 Days, sleeping in a tent, worrying about rain once again this year and wondering how we will get ALL that gear in our suitcase AND have it all weigh under 35 pounds.

So--what does packing for the 3Day look like?
What Stephanie is packing. All nice and neat.
Yeah, right. Judy, you really think this is going to fit?

Ashley, she's packed and all organized. Her bag even weighs under the 35 pounds. Now, remember we are packing sleeping bag, mat, clothes for 5 days, fanny pack, water bottle and rain is in the let's not forget rain gear. Debbi warned me, we shouldn't really show the public what it really looks like. (We've omitted  body glide and Epsom salts.)

Not an easy task even for the professional traveler.
It WILL fit AND it will be under weight.
Rain or (hopefully) no rain. Organized or not. It doesn't matter.

As a Team for 2011 we've raised over $11,500!  (Yes! That's for 2011!) That money all goes towards breast cancer screening, research and education. That's all that matters.

Every 74 seconds someone somewhere in the world dies from breast cancer. I don't want it to be another person I know. I don't want another person I know to be diagnosed with breast cancer. I want a cure for breast cancer. This weekend, my Team and I will stand together with the belief that this one dream will become a reality. We won't be alone. There will be thousands in San Diego standing and walking with us that have the same belief. There will also be you, our friends and family, who supported us along the will be with us in spirit (I wish we could take you, but you've seen our suitcases) and we thank you.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Amazing Race ...for the Cure

So, it’s the eve of the Salt Lake City Race for the Cure. I’ve participated in this event umpteen times. I wish I knew for sure how many. Each year I participated with my mom. I guess I never kept track how many we did together because I always thought she’d be there with me and me with her. Cheering her on when she stood in that sea of survivor pink. I remember walking with her and it was amazing to see 10,000 people. Saturday, they are expecting 17,000…but I bet it passes that number.


After breast cancer robbed me of my mom, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about doing this event without her. But each year, I cannot imagine NOT doing Race for the Cure. She always wanted her family and friends to come walk with us. But each year, it was just the two of us. I secretly was glad of this. It was something we shared together, a perfect start to Mother’s Day weekend. Now in her memory, a whole slew of us walk. She brought us all together.


But as I write this, I have another reason to walk. Someone very close to me had a lumpectomy today. Though it is too early to know her prognosis, I still have faith that she will be fine. This disease will not rob me of someone else I love. I have so many family members who are already survivors I plan on adding her to the list. Finally, I plan on there being cure for this horrible disease….

….that would be truly amazing.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

5k/Fun Run Success!

Team Piggy 5K/Fun Run
Check out the official page for pictures and a wrap up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't worry, I get it

Some people don’t get it. I mean really don’t get it.

Like the people who don’t get what we are doing for breast cancer. These are the people that ignore your “friend” requests because they are afraid you’re going to ask them for money. They look the other direction when you are walking toward them as to avoid eye contact.

I get it.

And let’s be honest, you don’t get it. I know this because if you “got it” you would know that even though I am raising money, it is not really about the money. It’s about going outside your comfort zone and doing something that has meaning. You don’t need to donate money to make an impact. If you “got it” you would know it is not only about the money, but about the conversation. You could ask me why I walk. You could ask me why I am passionate about breast cancer screening research and education.

Then you have the people who can only donate $5 and they feel bad. Really. Don’t feel bad.

I know you “get it”.

Really, if $5 is all you can afford, that $5 means the same as $100 if the person who donates $100 can afford it. Now don’t get me wrong. Do I wish they were all $100 donations? Of course. Am I realistic? Of course.

I get it.

So please, don’t be afraid, embarrassed, whatever to donate the $5. Don’t be afraid to ask me about why I “bleed pink” (if you don’t know what this means, then you REALLY need to ask me). And if the cancer crisis isn’t on your mind (even in the way back of your mind) you really need to “get it”. What is unfolding right now in Japan is inevitably going to lead to a major cancer event. Finding a cure is important but so is ANY advancement toward treatment and screening to this horrible disease.

Do you get it now?


Sunday, March 13, 2011

We are raising money for a cure, not a vacation

In response to a recent "Dear Abby" column on 4 March, I would like to address the concerns of those who may be worried about participating in any of the fundraising activities being advertised by "Team Piggy" for the 3Day. We understand those concerns and as good stewards of your donation, we can guarantee that the monies you donate go directly to the Susan G. Koman 3Day for the Cure. We each must raise $2300.00 to walk 60 miles. We also must pay our own expenses to do so. Those expenses include airfare to San Diego, our hotel, and meals outside the meals we pay for in our registration fee of $90.00 that we eat during the walk. As we must arrive the day before, we must get a hotel and pay for our own meals. During the walk, we sleep in a tent on the ground.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a Sticky Situation

Things get stuck in my head all the time. Songs, rhymes, chocolate cravings, etc.

But today, it is a quote. Okay, not just today. The past few days this quote has been floating around my head. It is a good one. One I’ve heard thousands of times and I’m sure you have too. The only difference is it won’t leave me. It’s there stuck. So, I am forced to write about it. Maybe this will help it to move back to the part of brain where it can sit quietly.

“I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.”

Monday, February 28, 2011

Team Piggy 2010

Team Piggy at the 2010 Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure.
It rained, it rained a lot, but look at every picture. We are smiling in every single one. It didn't matter what the weather was like. It wasn't about what we were going through, it was about why we were there and what it took to get there. It was about our little Team raising over $16,000 in the name of finding a cure for breast cancer. Go Piggies!

Monday, January 24, 2011

2010 In the History Books

Okay, I shamefully took some time away from blogging. Really, after the 2010 walk I just needed a break. Well, break time is over and I am ready to jump back in. This was another wonderful year for Team Piggy. As a team, we raised over $16,000 and the San Diego event raised $10.6 million-- all for breast cancer research and education! With the exception of a little rain, okay, a lot of rain, it was an amazing 3-Days.

My 3-peat was especially special because not only did my sister, Sharlee walk, but I also got to see two of my cousins who I haven't seen in over 15 years. One of my cousins, Pamela, is a breast cancer survivor and the 2010 3-Day just happened to fall on her 5 year anniversary.

Me, Pamela and Sarah: my cousins