Friday, January 8, 2016

10 Years of Team Piggy

When my mom lost her life in 2007 to breast cancer, I never thought about creating Team Piggy, I never thought about year after year asking my friends and family and even strangers for money to help fight breast cancer. I was just sad and angry. But luckily time has a tendency to soften the blow, just a bit. And after that dark cloud past, in 2008, I happily agreed to join my sister in law (and breast cancer survivor) on her 3-Day journey.

She was the veteran and had not wanted to push me into the life of a 3-Dayer too quick. You see, once committed, you are thrust into this world of pink and breast cancer is forefront. Not an easy task to deal with if you still need time and space to grieve. For me, it was exactly what I needed.

Team Piggy 2008
Team Piggy 2009
Team Piggy 2010

Team Piggy 2011

Team Piggy 2012

Team Piggy 2013
Team Piggy 2014

Team Piggy 2015
Cache and I 2016
2016 Team Piggy

Now as I prepare for my 10th 3-Day and Team Piggy has gone over the $100,000 mark I have to thank everyone who makes it possible. Not only the team mates from over the years but YOU the donor! From $5 to your much larger donations, I THANK YOU! WE THANK YOU! And to those of you who continue to donate year after year, you should know, your donation does not go unrecognized and year after year, do we not only recognize your donation, but we count on it. You see, even if you're not an "official" 3-Day participant you are a crucial part in Team Piggy's fight to end breast cancer.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.This isnt just a walk. Its the journey of a lifetime,
and the biggest thing you can do to help end breast cancer forever.

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